GCH Tallygolds Northern Skye (Tallygolds Evening Skye X Ch Kinvaar's Believer Fever)  Molly was born Dec 19 2015. Molly is from Skye's second litter and has been a joy to have.  She finished her puppy class and has been working in a show handling class.  She started her show career with a best puppy in group win at 4 months of age. She has now received her first points toward her championship.  Molly is a sweet tempered, loving cavalier who loves to be with her people.  She is happy being in a group or with just me.

GCh Tallygolds Misty Evening (Tallygolds Evening Skye X Embee's Mischief Managed)  Misty was born May 17 2015. Misty finished her championship in quick order by going Best of Breed at Markham Kennel Club show.  She is now being show for her grand Championship.  Misty is a love sponge who loves to cuddle.  Judges have recognized what a wonderful sample of the cavalier breed this wee girl is and have rewarded her accordingly.  She is a dream on the move and her temperment is perfect.

Tallygolds Christmas Hope (Ch Ministiks Lil Witch O'Windegor X Ch Tallygolds Wishes and Dreams) Hope was born on Christmas day Dec 25 2010. I bred Hope and fell in love the first time I held her. She was supposed to be a show dog but she did not work out as such as she developed freckles and grew too big.  We had hopes for some babies but that did not work out either so she is my special pet and big baby.  She is always by my side whether I am on the computer or watching TV.

Endearings Tallygold Sage is our newest girl she comes to us from Alberta.  Thank you to Dawn Cunningham for allowing this girl to come live with us.  Poppi is extremely outgoing and loves everyone human or animal.  She has successfully passed her puppy classes and her 1st level of agility and is now enrolled in obedience classes.

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